Why Should You Use CloudFlare


Cloudflare, Inc. is a U.S. company that has a content delivery network, web security services and distributed name server services, sitting between the visitors and the Cloudflare user’s hosting supplier, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

Increases website Performance

At Web Design Center, we have a tendency to use the most effective quality hardware and network on the market, therefore naturally our internet hosting is already fast, however CloudFlare provides a rise in web site performance through their international CDN (Content Delivery Network). once enabled , the CDN can mechanically cache your static files (JavaScript, CSS, Images, etc.) on their servers situated across strategic information centers round the world. Once a visitor visits your web site hosted with WDC, CloudFlare’s Anycast technology can load those static files from a server situated nearest to the visitor and your dynamic content can load from our servers. This ends up in quicker load times because of shriveled latency between server and visitor. Through feedback from customers, we’ve seen will increase of fifty or additional on website performance once CloudFlare is enabled.

Build In Security

Security may be a huge focus here at Web Design Center. We have a tendency to do everything to make sure our servers and client sites are secure from a server viewpoint, however most web site defacement’s occur due vulnerabilities within the web site code itself. With CloudFlare, you’ll be protected against a variety of threats: cross website scripting, SQL injection, comment spam, excessive bot crawling , email harvesters, and more. this can be done mechanically and can stop most attacks while not the confusing configurations that are needed with alternative security plugins and tools. merely choose your security level from High, Medium, Low and basically Off. CloudFlare can even study your website and traffic patterns and alter its security on the fly.

Of the sites that are victimization CloudFlare with our internet hosting, CloudFlare stopped over one hundred threats in mere one week!!!

Simple to Enable with Web Design Center

Our Cloudflare program is pretty straightforward. We have a tendency to pay attention of the established. You sit back and revel in the advantages.

It’s free! (No continual fees)

The basic service which can satisfy most of our customers will price nil, nothing, zilch! If you would like I say more?

There is a basic established cost: $250 CND.

If you’re not victimization CloudFlare, we have a tendency to powerfully suggest that you simply do. A quicker website and a secure site helps with search engine rankings and your customers can have a way higher experience on your web site.

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