Website Hosting And Security

Forbes reported that over 55,000 websites and software are hacked every day as result of out-dated software, poor hosting and no security. Website security, hosting and maintenance is now more important than ever.

Website Hosting

Website HostingWe care about your website, even after it’s gone live. With fast web hosting, security and technical support, you can be sure that your website is available to your visitors anywhere, anytime.

Our servers are 20% faster than most due to latest hardware like SSD drives instead of old spinning drives. They are maintained 24/7 and we provide regular status updates to keep our customers aware of any issues if they arise. Our technical support team is based in the WDC office in Brisbane and can help with any of your questions.

Quality, Security And Speed

Website hosting is a critical factor for your site speed and security. A slow website creates a poor user experience for website visitors and actually has a negative impact on your website’s SEO and rankings within the search engines. We offer state-of-the-art SSD drives servers that allow for greater flexibility, speed and uptime for our customers at a cheaper price. To keep our servers clean, fast and reliable, we are careful of who we take on board. All the websites that are hosted by us are also created by us. We do not take website designed by any other.

Website Security

As a business owner, an attack on your website can have massive negative impact and cost you a fortune in repairs. Malware puts your customers at risk, it can cause all or part of your website to be deleted or altered, some functionality may stop working and it commonly causes severe damage to SEO campaigns. If your customers can’t trust your website, how are they expected to trust you? Any business that is ready to invest in a website presence to compete online, should take security and maintenance as part of business. Most businesses shops and buildings have security measures to keep them safe from burglars. There is only one difference between a shop or building and your online website, the online website will be attacked from all around the world and with less fear, therefore keeping your website up to date, secured and backed up, is more important than the security investment for your shop. Any website that has no security measures or maintenance done to it, will eventually be affected.

Keeping your website safe

Website Security

  1. Keeping your website code up to date
    Always keep your website code up to date – WordPress alone releases over 20 updates a year to the core code, plus different plugins and extensions are constantly being updated on weekly basis to counter known security threats. Keeping your website updated is now an essential first defense and is like shutting the doors and windows in your house – definitely a critical first step!
  2. Password Hacks defense
    Some attacks will either try to hack your passwords, use phishing techniques or embed a virus on your local computer and infect your website when you login. These attacks focus on your admin logins, FTP or cPanel access amongst others and upload malware once they break in. This is like a criminal stealing your keys, breaking in when you’re at home or gaining the code to your alarm system, so they can walk right in.
  3. External attacks defense
    These attacks can be extremely varied, but include attempts to exploit weakness in the website code, distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), search engine poisoning attacks (SEP), plus many more. These attacks are similar to the traditional home break-ins.
  4. Security monitoring
    Knowing your website is under threat is essential, so we can take action immediately. Web Design Center uses a database of known malware updated every day, plus a range of tools that monitor your website 24/7 for any threats or attacks. This is like installing CCTV cameras and the latest alarm systems for your home.
  5. Fast response and damage control
    This stage of your security defense is only used if an attack is successful or in progress. This includes quarantining malware or damaged files, suspending website access, malware removal, site clean ups and website blacklist removal. This is similar to sending around the police when the alarms are triggered and a break-in is in progress, so we can stop the crime as quickly as possible.
  6. Rollbacks to recover damaged files
    If a hack is successful, it can cause damage to your website by infecting core files and attempting to hide in the code of your website, so it can strike later. This can occur even with the best security, so we need a solution. In these cases, repairing the code is prohibitively complex, so we instead roll back to a version of the site from a backup 24 hours before the hack had occurred, so your site is completely clean. This is like your contents and property insurance and allows us to replace any damaged items.
  7. Website Backups
    Keeping your website backed up is a critical step. Every website should have an automatic system to create a backup either on daily basis or weekly basis. If something would go wrong to your website security and the website is removed, having a backup is like having a life saver rescue you from the Ocean.

Friendly support

We’re proud to be continuously recognized for our customer support service. Our team of web designers, developers, and technical support staff are friendly, efficient and know the products inside and out. We’re determined to make our client’s lives easier and give them the best experience possible.