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A website should not just catch the eye it's role is to attract and keep the user, as well as communicate him your brand message and raise user awareness about product or service.

Your customers will not give you a second chance to make the first impression

In a digital world first impressions count and an outstanding web design is the key to a website that meets the goals of the owner. Users enjoy visiting sites that look aesthetically appealing and are quite easy to navigate. Our team helps to make a good first impression are speed and accessibility.

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Mobile website design

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Website Design build for success created with value

It takes more than text and images on a web page to create a successful web design. The idea and point of having a website design for your business is to reach out to many potential clients that are beyond word of mouth. A successful website will convert visitors into clients. This takes creativity, dedication, passion and years of experience.

Do I need a website design for your Business?

Any Entrepreneur will advise you that having a Website to represent your business online is a must regardless of the type of business you have. Everyone listed on yesterday’s yellow pages needs to also be available on the internet today, it is where your customers will expect to find you.

If you think you might not be able to afford to have a website for your business, then think again. Our packages start as low as $599. Properly constructed websites allow your potential clients to gather information they need from the comfort of their home any time and as fast as they need. Will they find your business or will they find your competitors? A successful website combined with a powerful Online Marketing Strategy, will bring visitors to your website and convert them in to clients.

Think of your website design as the bridge between your business and your clients. Do you suppose it’s easier to convince customers to visit your web page or to convince them to get in their car, drive to your store, park the car and walk in the door?

Having a web page design also means that your business will be reachable from anywhere at any time, 24/7. Thanks to today technology having a website and being able to keep it up to date is now affordable and very easy. All our websites come with CMS – Content Management System, that allows you to update your website anytime, anywhere at your own convenience.

CMS Websites

Business Website Design – Online presence of your business - Corporate representing your business and your services.
Portfolio Web Design – Showcase your business work online.
Classified Websites – Allow users to post adds or/and services or products on your website.
Blog, Magazine – Online magazine/newspaper and or blogs.
Real Estate – Online real estate.
There are many more types of CMS websites that are too many to list.

E-commerce Websites

An eCommerce web page design is simply an online shop. You can use an eCommerce website to sell products, services or digital goods. There are many advantages of having an online shop even if you have an actual shop. It allows clients to purchase products from the comfort of their home.

With our powerful shopping cart system, your online shop will be a breeze to run since the website will take care of most of the work for you like gathering all info about your clients, calculating and adding your tax, automatic Invoicing, creating coupons and so much more. See full description and benefits of our eCommerce Website solutions.

Top 10 mistakes people make when looking for a Web Designs

  1. Choosing the wrong Web Design Company or Person to create your website
  2. Creating a Quick, simple website that is hard to navigate and understand
  3. Non-Scannable Content
  4. Not understanding the importance and power of a Professional Website Design
  5. Page titles with low or no Search Engine Visibility
  6. Not think for the user’s point of view
  7. No Call to action
  8. No Mobile responsive
  9. No CMS - Content Management System
  10. No SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

What you need to know before getting a Website for your Business

Clean Code - Every web design is created by coding that renders in to the website that the user will view. The code behind the website needs to be clean and compatible with all major browsers. You need to understand that the search engine like Google will only see the code that creates your website and if this code has errors and/or it is not in a up to today’s standers, then the search engines will punish your website you will not even realize why. This would hurt your SEO and your chances of ranking in search engines will not be good.

Professional Web Page Design - It is very important to understand that the users that will go to your website will automatically judge you based on the look and feel of your website before they even start reading the content. It has been shown that if a website is not pleasing to the user’s eye, the user will not even care to read your content.

Scannable Content - Every person that searches the web will first scan the content before starting to read it. When a client reaches your website, they will scan you page and if they find what they are looking for then they start digging dipper. As you can imagine if you’re content, images… are not placed correctly for scanning, then your chances of losing your potential clients is very high.

CMS – Content Management System - Having a CMS is important for a number of reasons. You are always in control of your own website, you do not need to spend more money every time you need content updates, and you can keep your clients up to date anytime from anywhere.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation - SEO is the single most important expect of any web design. Having a website without SEO is like having a car without an engine, it simply won’t get you anywhere. SEO starts from the very beginning as soon as your website gets constructed and it is the last element that gets done. Search Engine optimisation is a structure of many elements that help your website rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo… Many people and companies claim to be good at SEO, but the reality is that around 95% of all this portend SEO experts are simply that. Unfortunately many fall in to this traps and end up paying large amount of dollars and get nothing in return. WDC offers 2 types of SEO and it is only available to our clients: Advanced SEO and Local SEO.

Why choose Us for your next Web Page Design project

Choosing the right Web Design Company to trust that they will work hard on creating the very best and successful website that brings visitors to your web page and converts them in to clients is a daunting tusk with so many companies out there and so we are going to try make it a bit easier for you to see through the fakes and want be web design companies.

Our agency aims getting you noticed in a digital world, using design ingenuity for creating brand personality that will have a long-lasting impact on all your visitors. We provide various design sets starting from scratch, we focus on creating a website to fit your brand and speak to all your visitors. Our team presents, revises and collaborates with you until we finalize the design.

We believe that a close collaboration is the foundation for an outstanding result. We collaborate at all stages of the process, starting with content audit when we set up your needs and requirements, then competitive analysis which outlines your stand out opportunities and interviews & user testing to find out who is your audience and how do they think.

Too often, websites are designed for companies by web designers with little or no understanding of the commercial needs of business. What you need is a website that actually works. Here are just some of the reasons we stand out from the rest:

Free no obligation phone consultation

After a short phone consultation with our website designer specialist, you will feel more confident in looking for a web design company. We will ask what type of business you have and what is your budget, then we will describe what type of website will suit you and all the extras that you might need to have a successful website that will bring in clients with good returns. We will also let you know what to look for when searching for a website design company and separate the real deal from the fakes.

Real 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No Lock in contract, No Deposit!
This is the real deal – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, no risks. We do this by simply not locking you in to any contracts and No deposits, that’s wright nothing to lose. We do this because we know that our services are of high quality and high standards, yet at unbeatable prices. Ask yourself, why do so many web design companies ask for a large deposits? Why should you lose your money if you do not like their work? At Web Design Center you do not need to pay till the Project is complete and you are happy. You can walk away at any time for any reason and loose nothing.

Passionate about Web Design

WDC is a family owned business that started from a passionate hobby and turned into a family of clients. We always keep in contact with all our clients making sure that everything is working as it should. We take great pride in our work as we know that our work speaks louder than words. Head over to our Testimonials page and see what other clients have to say about us. You should also take a look at our Portfolio designs.

Affordable Pricing

All our products are at a very affordable pricing. That is why we are ready to offer 10% less than any other written Website design company quote. Get a free no obligation Quote.

Unlimited Support

We are open to help almost 24/7, 7 days a week. If you are in need of support, or simply would like to know the answer to a question about web design, then feel free to contact us or call on 047 800 4267

Experience & Ownership

We’ve been around creating websites and applications since 2004 and we are here to stay. Web Design Center is 100% Australian owned Brisbane Company and we do NOT outsource our work overseas.