What You Should Know Before Getting A Website Created For Your Business

Website or Successful Website

We decided to put together a blog to explain the major difference between investing into a Website Design or a Successful business strategy Website.

Too often we receive call inquiries about businesses in need of a website and we find that majority of business do not realize that a website on its own without an online strategy – SEO, will not generate new clients.

Website-or-Successful-WebsiteIn today’s world, having your business represented online with a website is a must for any industry, however, the one thing that most business owners do not realize is that the online competition is much greater than the physical business itself. Most businesses do not get educated by their web designers of what it takes to become successful online, rather than simply just having a website created, which is not enough.

I always advise our clients to first decide why they want to build a website, and almost always we get the same answer:
‘I want a simple website to get more clients for my business’. When we ask if they have spoken with other web design companies we realize that most are not inform properly and that most believe that creating a website alone will be enough to generate new clients through Google and other search engines. Well; this cannot be further from the truth.

We always advise clients that creating a website alone is a great idea if you wish to use it as a business card, where you can show your friends and family. The only way people will be able to see your website is if they know your website URL, which means no new visitors, therefore No new Clients. This type of websites are rarely valuable, we find that they will mostly work as family type of websites or resume types, where the website owner simply wants to have a website to show it when asked.

This will not do much for a business owner that is looking to generate new clientele. If a business wants to step into the online presence and would like to become competitive and generate new clients, then they will need an online strategy. Here are a few steps necessary to give your website the best chance possible for success.


In order to have a website online, a hosting account is needed. Try to avoid cheap Hosting providers that only care about numbers. Speak to your website designer and see if they offer hosting packages. Speed and up time is crucial when deciding on a hosting provider. Try find a website designing company that will also offer hosting and maintenance packages in one and it is always good if the website design company only offers their hosting to its own clients only.

Website Design Company

Deciding on the right company to build your business online success is crucial. Unfortunately, like many other industries, there are many web designers out there that can turn a great experience into a nightmare and completely destroy your business online presence. When deciding on the company that will look after you, it is a good practice to look at their portfolio, testimonials, what services they offer and Google testimonials and ratings. It is a good practice to go with a company that can offer all necessary services for you to succeed: Hosting, SEO, Maintenance and Website Design.

The Website Design

Designing a website to showcase your business should be unique. One website design will not work for all businesses, so deciding to go with a template is not recommended. Your website designer should keep in mind the SEO aspect from the start. The designer should always check with you on your opinion about your website and a good website designer will always investigate your industry and competitors to create a website that will look professional, easy to navigate and most importantly transform your visitors into clients. A website should be mobile responsive and have a CMS to allow yourself to keep on updating your own website.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

It is important to understand that a website without any SEO done, will simply never rank in search engines like Google. In short, no SEO no new clients. A good SEO strategy begins as soon as your website is created and it is also the last thing once your website is designed. There are many companies that portend to be SEO ninjas and will charge you a monthly fee for it.

Local SEO

Having a Local SEO done to your website is only advised to industries that offer their products and services to local clients (Food industries, plumbers, builders, electricians, doctors…), if your business is more of an international industry, then this option is not as important, yet it will not hurt to have it.

Maintenance and security

In most cases, maintenance packages are not compulsory, yet highly recommended. Like any software, a business should always keep its website up to date and backed up to avoid hacker attacks, viruses and unnecessary breakdowns and loss of business.

Now you are ready to research for the right company that will take your business in the world wide web and start to enjoy the power of an online presence, because the Internet is better with you.

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