Is your Website loosing traffic due to Google’s new Mobile Friendly update?

mobile-friendlyIs your Website Mobile Responsive? We hope so, but if your answer is No, then you need to consider updating as soon as possible, because on April 21 2015, Google has announced it will be “expanding use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” This update will effect mobile searches results in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on Search Results. Simply put, if your Website is Not Mobile Responsive, the site will see a significant fall in your search rankings, traffic and conversions.

This was bound to happen for several years now about how Mobile Devices are impacting the way the internet is used and how it is impacting on businesses. Now we are about to see how this impacts the traffic. “This effectively means that if your site is not mobile friendly your ranking will be affected by it.” Keep in mind this isn’t just about smart phones that they make up a large chunk of the traffic, it also includes Tablets and the hybrids known as Phablets and with over 60% of Google searches done on mobile devices, can your website afford to lose ranking?


So what can you do?

Hopefully you already have a responsive design in place for your website, else you will need to update your site as soon as possible to avoid any further damages to your mobile ranking and traffic. Contact Us for further details and/or questions.

Google has provided guidance to site owners on how to best improve their websites for this change, and their recommendation is to use Responsive Design as your main strategy in rebuilding/ reworking or building your websites. They are directly forcing on us as developers and you as site owners to ensure we focus heavily on usability especially across mobile devices.

There are simple tests you can run to check your sites mobile performance like The Mobile Friendly Test by Google.

Responsive Website Design


Non Responsive Website


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